What Do You See First – Rabbit Or Duck? The Answer Will Assess How Creative You Are.


Looking at this image, what do you see first? A rabbit? A duck? Many people see both and depending on how fast they are able to see the picture change from duck to rabbit can shed light on how creative of an individual they may be.

The image happens to be a classic optical illusion that has been around for over 100 years. In 1899 American psychologist Joseph Jastrow used it in research he was conducting about perception and mental activity. He found that those who were able to easily change their perception between the two animals had faster working brains than those who were slower and had trouble switching between the two. He concluded that the more creative a person is, the faster they are able to see the image change from duck to rabbit. Therefore, this image can help to assess how creative of an individual you are by looking at 1) what you see first and, 2) how fast you saw it. Try it now!

When it comes to optical illusions, they are all about the eyes, brain, and perception. Specifically, the eyes visually perceive an image which the brain then processes as not fitting in line with or matching the stimulus source that it’s emanating from. In other words, it’s when you look at something and end up seeing something else completely different. You look at X but think you’re seeing Y. Generally speaking, there are many different types of illusions and optical ones, also known as visual illusions, happen to be the most well known sub-category.

This duck-rabbit drawing has re-emerged as one of the most talked about optical illusions online in recent days. Check it out and see how you do!

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 Source: dailynet.co.uk

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