Ukrainian Soldier Stops a Vehicle at a Checkpoint, but Nobody Expect what Happened Next!


The Russian invasion in Ukraine has intensified and citizens have been forced to flee their country due to the chaos. It has been 13 days since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of military strikes in Ukraine. Amid all the grim news that has been coming in from Ukraine, a heartwarming video of a Ukrainian soldier proposing to his girlfriend has surfaced online and it is melting hearts.

 In the now-viral video, a group of Ukrainian soldiers can be seen frisking some civilians at a military checkpoint after stopping their car. The civilians can be seen standing with their backs towards the soldiers and their hands on the car. While the soldiers frisked them, one of them can be seen going down on one knee. He had a ring in his hand and hid flowers behind his back. He nudged the woman from behind and as soon as she turned around, he proposed to her.

The woman was visibly overwhelmed and hugged the soldier while others recorded their video and cheered for the couple. They even kissed at the end and the moment is just too sweet to miss out on.

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