A mom takes her one-year-old son with her to a job interview and dresses him in an elegant jacket and bow tie


An economic crisis necessarily brings with it many negative consequences to people who have a job; imagine a crisis caused and inflated by a global pandemic, what harmful effects it could have on certain sectors; in the last period, around the world, many people have lost their jobs due to the relentless spread of Covid-19, and among these is Maggie Mundwiller, a single mother looking for a new job as she's dreaming of a better future for herself and her one-year-old son...

Mum Maggie has always tried to leave her son with a babysitter or to a trusted person who could take care of the baby while she was visiting companies, agencies or workplaces to do interviews or to leave them her curriculum vitae; But there was a day when Maggie just couldn't leave her one-year-old with anyone, there was no one who could watch him, and so in order not to miss the job interview she had a sweet and at same time brilliant idea!

She dressed her little boy in an elegant blue striped suit, a white bow tie and a paper on which it was handwritten that he was a graduate of the University of Mom and Dad; yes, Maggie brought her son with her during the interview, and who knows, that the little guy could be the winning element that will finally get her a new job! She knew it was a particularly risky move, but Maggie had to risk it all! 

The video in which she dresses her one-year-old son smartly and takes him with her to the job interview was published on Maggie Mundwiller's TikTok profile, generating lots of agreement, virtual applause and lots of views; so in a few days, the sweet but at the same time brilliant choice of this job seeking mother has literally conquered the web! 

We don't know if the woman eventually got the long-awaited job, but the fact is that choosing to bring the little one with her was a really winning move regardless: who won't soften when faced with a one-year-old child with an elegant jacket, bow tie and CV in hand? Nobody!

 Source: www.wtvideo.com

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