15 parents from the past who today would be arrested for the way they looked after their children


Being a parent is as difficult today as it was twenty or thirty years ago: a manual with the golden rules to follow in order to infallibly educate one's children does not exist and has never existed. This is why there is not just one way to approach the education of the little ones, but many points of view from which to take inspiration and advice. Of course, looking at certain images of the past one wonders if the parents of the past were simply unaware of the possible risks that were hidden behind certain practices they considered "modern" or if they were just a little less aware than today. Car seats that actually look like the perfect way to be propelled through a windshield, fathers offering beer to their young children and low safety standards to say the least: how did they make things work? Today's parents may get chills at the sight of some of these photos we have collected for you. There are those who argue that at the time it was more genuine and that "in the end, we were wll brought up", and those who argue that there was too much lightheartedness and recklessness. What do you think?

1. "My mother shows the rest of the world how to be parent of the year, 1978"

2. We are shocked just looking at this photo!

image: Facebook / Another Vintage Point

The fear that the little girl might fall makes us very uneasy just looking at this old photo dating back to 1932. But how could these parents not be at all apprehensive about their children? In fact, they seemed to be rather reckless ...

3. When you leave your children alone in Disney world, 1991

4. Here come the 1963 guys!

It was the new summer game!

5. A dad giving his daughter a taste of beer

image: Pinterest 

6. Here are car seats in the 1940s

image: Reddit

A "classic" which, fortunately, is now a thing of the past!

7. A sailor welcomes his son after 14 months of absence ... congratulations!

What a thoughtful dad!

8. The ideal way to skate together

It seems like a dangerous solution to us, to say the least, don't you think?

9. Learn to shoot like dad!

image: Pinterest

When in your spare time, instead of teaching you to fish or do math, your father teaches you to hold a rifle and shoot jars.

10. "Fly, fly, fly!"

image: Pinterest

A practice to be avoided! Children, especially the youngest ones, could easily dislocate their elbows.

11. HE looks like he's flying too...

image: Pinterest

There are mothers who cover their eyes in horror when they see a child being tossed in the air!

12. Maybe not the best place for a newborn!

In the 60s and 70s, young people often found themselves in music festivals and similar events ... certainly, places not suitable for tiny children!

13. Safety standards in the 1960s ...

14. Like father...like son!

image: Reddit

15. Hey honey, do you fancy a ride on a bear?

Do these photos make an impression on you too?

Source: www.wtvideo.com


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