Woman Feels Sexier Than Ever After Deciding To Embrace Her Silver Hair


Once you get older, it is normal for your hair to get grayer. Although, if your hair is turning gray at 21 is terrifying and this happen to Sara Eisenman. She started dyeing her hair to cover up the silver parts of it.

21-year-olds are young, healthy, and full of life. Sara was no different, although her hair started to turn gray.

This experience for her happened overnight. When she woke up and saw herself in the mirror, she noticed sliver hairs growing on her head. The Arizona girl had a hard time accepting her silver hair, so she tried covering up with dyes. She used to dye her hair every two weeks and would never let people see her natural hair color.

Hours before giving birth to her son Abe, Sara dyed her hair so that visitors did not see her natural hair color. However, after fifteen years, her mind has changed. She gave birth to her second child named Naomi, and she started seeing things differently.

Sara stopped dying her hair and started wearing it as her crown. She felt loved, free, and proud of how she looked.

Her husband, Hanan, gave nothing but support for her natural hair color. However, Sara’s friends were not as supportive as her husband, telling her that she looks like an old witch. Even though her friends did not support her will, she still wanted to prove them wrong.

Because Sara couldn’t afford hair salons, she dyed her hair with cheap hair dies, hair crayons, powders, and other products.

Currently, Sara is 44-years-old, and she is in love with her new look. She does not follow any rules of beauty in today’s standards and lives happily with her natural look.

The process of accepting her natural hair color is somewhat of a rebirth for Sara. She starts wearing clothes that she liked and enjoys different colors than what she was wearing before. Her makeup routine changed and bought herself headbands and scarfs. 

Sara did not have any trouble accepting the change even though going gray is not easy for anyone. Her change brought her no problems except for her fake judgmental friends. Her confidence in herself got bigger. She felt more beautiful and attractive with her looks.

Aging does not make us worse, but with age, we become a better version of ourselves. With age, Sara did not feel the need to cover up her silver hair, and with that, she made the most significant decision in her life.

Many other people suffer from the same problem that Sara has, and they all try to hide their gray hair. People hate getting older, and since gray hair is a natural thing that comes with aging, everyone tries to hide it by dying their hair.

This story should inspire everyone and help them overcome the difficulty they are facing aging. Instead of dyeing your hair with unwanted chemicals, you should love the way you look just as Sara did after 15 years. 

 Source: healthylifeboxx.com


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