The Mother Of 3 And All Her Children Have The Same Birthday

Sinead Cottam has two sons and a daughter and amazingly all three siblings were born on January 11. The 31-year-old from Scarborough said people refused to believe her when she explained that Lewis, 11, Shae, five, and Demi, two defiant. Unbelievable odds to celebrate their birthday together. Sinead’s oldest son Lewis, turning 12, arrived two days after January 9 due to start in 2010. He loves being an only child – and celebrating his own birthday.

Until Sinead gave birth to a younger brother, Shae, 4 days early, also on January 11, 2016. Single mother Sinead gave birth to Shae on the day Lewis turned six. She added: “We were supposed to go for a birthday tea after school, but She decided to show up early for his birthday so Lewis went to my parents’ house. “He’s not happy.” Friends and family have joked that Shae, 6 next week, will give birth on Lewis’ birthday but Sinead disagrees.


She said: “His due date was the 15th and I thought he was going to be late, so it never occurred to me that they could share a birthday, but when I was in pain at home in the early hours, I knew he was going to surprise us all. and stole his brother’s birthday. “I thought it was a lovely gift for Lewis to be a big brother but he wasn’t very impressed at first.” Sinead is expecting a daughter. She is also due on Shae’s due date, January 15.

However, their sister Demi was also born four days early – on January 11, 2019. Sinead said: “They are so excited for a baby little sister but due to late complications I needed a C-section and I couldn’t believe my ears when the Midwife told me the only available date was January 11th. “Honestly, I was surprised and I said no. I explained that both my sons had the same birthday but it had to be that day. I even asked them to double check.”

Unlike Shae’s quick arrival, Sinead has a short period of time to prepare her boys that their sister will share their special day as well. She said: “Shae is under three so he doesn’t understand but Lewis is nine and he thinks I’m joking. He couldn’t believe that his younger brother and sister were both celebrating his birthday with him now. “He reacted better when he was six and both boys visited Demi the day she was born so I could see them on their birthdays.”

The stay-at-home mother said the family was completely stunned when she announced the birth of her third child – the same day as her two eldest sons. Unsure of the possibility, Sinead said she had never met another family where all three children had the same birthday and people didn’t believe her. She said: ‘I don’t know how rare it is, but the nurses had never heard of it before. And no one believed me that it all happened on the same day.

I ordered three cakes or bought three sets of birthday banners. “I get the same joke, people always say there must be a special day in April, 9 months ago. Now, Sinead is on a mission to find something to do to entertain them. Sinead said: “Lewis and Shae have had parties together and we celebrate during our outings to keep them happy. Each one is decorated according to his age and his own cake. Lewis likes scooters and video game consoles and Shae likes football.

Demi is all about unicorns, she’s a little princess.” Sinead added: “Both boys love Demi, they have typical sibling arguments but they are very protective of their sister.” As Sinead prepares for three birthdays in one day, just weeks after Christmas, she jokes: “I’m not ʀɪsᴋɪɴɢ a fourth baby, but if I get pregnant again, I’ll put the money on the date expected to give birth.”


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