She treats the owner of a restaurant rudely, thinking he is a waiter: she ends up forced to pay $ 4000

 The rules of bon ton (good form/manners) are not respected by everyone. Although our parents may have taught us the basics of good manners for when we are away from home - kindness, sympathy, empathy and respect towards others - there are some occasions involving certain people, when it seems that these values go out the window when interacting with strangers. Simply put, many people behave rudely when they find themselves interacting with others outside of their homes...

The story we want to tell you about today was posted on Reddit anonymously by a restaurant owner. The man told users that one day some rather peculiar customers entered his restaurant - a group of snobby women, led by an even more unpleasant lady, who claimed to know the owner of the restaurant and who consequently wanted to get a VIP table without a reservation. The owner was confused and irritated by this behavior and had three choices: he could chase them out of his establishment; he could yield and give them a table; or he could let them take a seat but then take revenge in his own way. He chose the third option.

Here is what he said happened in summary on Reddit: "One night a group of 6 women walked in. 5 of them seemed to be still in their 20s and the leader of the group looked like she was in her 20s too - perhaps her mid-20s. I theorised that she was one of the other girls older sister or maybe an she was the older sister of a freshman who had just started college. When she came to me, she said she wanted a table for 6. I answered " Of course - can I have the name on the reservation? ". She looked at me and said, "oh, I didn't get one but that's okay because the owner is a personal friend of mine - he said he always has a table or two that he keeps open for special guests and said we can have a table tonight." Generally, this claim is true for a lot of high profile restaurants and lately, I have been doing it too - but I had no idea who this woman was and certainly she had never spoken to me. She clearly thought she was speaking to a waiter and had no idea I was the owner.

Then she went ahead and loudly told one of the other girls to take a picture of me. She said that she would complain to the owner if she didn't get what she wanted and would make sure that I would end up cleaning toilets or that I would be fired within the week. Her exact words to me were: 'look, you can give us a table or I can make your life very difficult - it's not worth losing your job over this".

At that moment, the owner of the restaurant had a brilliant idea to take revenge on this rude woman and her group of vile girlfriends. First, he asked for a credit card and a valid document to keep as a security for their dinner, and then he let the women sit at a VIP table (which had a special menu and a basic reservation and drinks cost of $ 1000). The group went on to order drink after drink and ate dish after dish, finally all becoming quite drunk. 

When the time for their check came, the woman who said she knew the owner personally approached him and asked how much they had to pay. The check was provided and it started at about $ 232 each, including taxes and tip. But to this was added the basic $ 1000 for seating at the VIP table and all the other extras the women had consumed. In the end, and all added up, the women had to pay a total bill of about $ 4000 dollars for everything!

Upset, the girls threatened the owner - who they had thought was a simple waiter. But the next day, the obnoxious group of girls were humiliated when they finally learned the truth.

This sweet revenge was certainly earned by these horrible women, don't you think?


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