Prince William Shares His Thoughts About a Possible Fourth Baby


 Although Prince William and Kate Middleton may have both loved getting a chance to cuddle a therapy dog on Thursday while they visited Clitheroe Community Hospital, it sounds like William was less enthused about Kate's other snuggle buddy: a baby. Uh oh. Are they considering another child?

 Kate Middleton and Prince William

The royals were visiting a rural hospital when they got to meet a few special guests.

William and Kate took turns snuggling a therapy dog named Alfie while they were visiting both staff and patients at the Lancashire hospital. The pair were there to learn about how COVID-19 was affecting some of the more rural parts of England — and to meet an adorable puppy, of course.

Kate Middleton
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Alfie wasn't the only cutie they met that day.

The duchess also got an opportunity to hold a baby named Anastasia on Thursday. The royals met with the little girl's parents, Trudi and Alastair Barrie, while they were visiting with the charity organization Church on the Street.

Clearly William recognized something in his wife's face as she held the baby because he quickly joked about the prospects of expanding his own family, and it doesn't sound like the prince has any interest in it — at least, not now!


The father of three had everyone laughing as he pretended to panic over the idea.

It doesn't sound like William has any intentions of promoting Prince Louis to the role of big brother. After Kate held the baby and the gathered crowd "awwed" at the pair, William turned on them. "Don't give my wife any more ideas," he joked.

After Kate passed Anastasia back to her parents, William once again teased his wife. "Don't take her with you," he said.

It seems like most people would love to see a few more Cambridges added to the family.

 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and royal kids

On Twitter, people quickly shared their thoughts as they laughed along with William. "He was desperately saying 'no more babies please,'" one person tweeted.

Even though it seems William may be done at three children, a lot of royal watchers are hoping that he'll change his mind.

"But how cute would it be if they would have another baby?" another person wrote.


We doubt this is the last we'll hear on the topic.

William and Kate are still obviously very in love, and they're both reasonably young. (And 40 isn't considered as old as it once was when it comes to being pregnant, after all). It's not completely out of the realm of possibility that they could turn their family of five into a family of six (or more).

However, given that they both have stepped up in a major way over the past few months to help lighten the Queen's load, we doubt they have much time to add another baby to the mix — but that won't stop us from hoping! 


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