Prince Charles Extends Olive Branch & Invites Harry's Family To Stay With Him in the UK


It sounds like Prince Charles is trying to get some quality time with his Sussex grandkids the next time Prince Harry and Meghan Markle return to the United Kingdom. A royal insider has told the Mirror that Charles even invited his son's family to stay with him the next time they're in town. Talk about an olive branch for this feuding father and son.Prince Charles & Princes William & Harry

Maybe the rumors about Charles and Harry's relationship still being strained aren't true.

Harry hasn't exactly been close with his family since deciding to leave royal life behind in exchange for a more private life in America, but it sounds like things were especially strained between him and his father. And considering that Charles was believed to be the one who made racist comments about the potential color of Archie's skin before he was born, we can understand why.

Prince Charles, Camilla 

Charles offered up his home to his son for his next visit to the UK.

It's believed that Charles made the conciliatory gesture before Christmas last year, when it sounded like Harry and Meghan might be coming for a holiday visit. We now know that those plans never came to fruition, but it appears the offer still stands for Harry and his family to stay with Charles and his wife, Camilla.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

But concerns over security make a trip back to the UK hard.

Harry recently released a statement detailing how unsafe it would be for him and Meghan to travel back to England with their children, because the Metropolitan Police are refusing to allow Harry to hire them for security purposes. Harry was so upset about the denial that he's suing the UK government to appeal the decision and get his police protection reinstated.

 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There are plenty of things calling Harry back to his birth country.

Harry was expected to return home for an April 2022 memorial service for his late grandfather Prince Philip. And in May, the Queen is expected to have a massive party for her Platinum Jubilee, an occasion which many expect both Harry and Meghan to be part of. Of course, if this security issue doesn't get straightened out, we can't imagine either of them will be visiting anytime soon.

Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry

This could mean that Charles will have to wait even longer to meet his newest granddaughter.

With whispers that Harry and Prince William have been reestablishing contact through William's wife, Kate Middleton, and now insiders claiming that Harry and Charles talk quite frequently via video chat, a royal visit sounds like the next likely step.

Hopefully Harry can get his security issues resolved so that he, Meghan, and their children can go spend some quality one-on-one time with Charles — and so that Charles can finally meet baby Lili.



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