Cop about to approach shaky elderly couple when 3 young men run from gas station

  There are seniors who still work hard despite their age. According to United Income, that the percentage of retirement-aged Americans who are working or looking for jobs has doubled since 1985.

“As of February 2019, over 20 percent of Americans aged 65 or older are working or looking for work, double the all-time low of 10 percent who were in the labor force in 1985.”


We can’t blame them as each one of them has their own reasons why they still choose to work regardless of their age.


Salute to these hardworking people for not looking at their age as a hindrance to doing their own thing.

This couple, Rose and David, were spotted struggling to get in the car when they parked at a gas station. The couple had to go there to use the restroom as they were going home after Rose attended her medical appointment.

Apparently, both of them were elderly.


David was 100 years old while Rose was 89. And they were really having a hard time getting inside the car.

Thankfully, three young men were there to help the two of them.


And the whole thing was recorded by a police officer Kenesha Carnegie of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. Carnegie wanted to help the couple but when she saw the three guys who were willing to take action, she decided to film it.

“As I was sitting there, I looked to my left and I know these young men helping this elderly couple, so I went over to assist them. I jumped out of my truck and went over to assist them and when I got there, they kind of had it under control so I thought that time, they look really beautiful that was a nice view to see,” she said in an interview with Inside Edition.

The guys did everything to make sure that the couple was safe.


They didn’t leave them until both of them were in the car safely. They even gave them kind words.

You’re 100 years old yet you’re still doing it. That’s good,” one of the guys said to David.

It is such an inspiring moment.


No wonder why the video has gained more than 10.8 million views. A lot of people also left kind words for the couple as well as the kind guys.

“This literally got me in tears. GOD bless these 3 young men,” one viewer said.

Another viewer said, “That was a beautiful kind gesture they parents taught them to help the helpless without hesitation this video shows it all!”

The guys really deserve our appreciation. We don’t usually see kind-hearted people like them. Nevertheless, this is just a reminder that people like them still exist.


Hopefully, this story would inspire many of us to always extend helping hands to those who need them. And if we see elderly people who are strong and still working hard, we should keep in mind that they still need our help regardless of what they do in life.

Let’s be more kind and patient to them just like what these amazing guys did.

You can watch the video below!

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Source: YouTube/Inside Edition, Yahoo! Life, United Income

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