Mom’s Post Desperately Asking Husband To Help With Their Kids Goes Viral


Parenting is a difficult task. Being a mom needs the largest effort. It drains you of all the energy. There is always an added pressure to be the perfect mom to her kids while taking care of the job, handling household chores and her entire family at the same time.

A mother’s sacrifices are either underrated or de-emphasized but this mom makes everyone realize how hard it is. Without taking the entire burden on her shoulders alone, she decided to seek help from her beloved husband.

The blogger behind the Ultimate Mom Challenge, Celeste Erlach, a mother of two decided to pin down an open letter to her partner requesting him to help while providing him an exact list of what to do. Her post was shared on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk and it went viral. The post got shared and re-shared extensively.


This is how the letter goes.







All mothers are wonderful women. Every one of them deserves love, attention, and respect. Otherwise, all their effort goes unnoticed. Husbands should share her responsibilities because every mother needs a little time for herself too.


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