Beagle busts a move with grandma


Dancing can make anyone happy and is food for the soul. This is not just for humans. Dogs also love dancing. Recently a dog named Bailey garnered much attention because of his dancing skills.

Beagle dancing with grandma


Bailey, the beagle, lives in Naples, Florida, with her owner, a 54-year-old owner Wendy Berenguer. Wendy is a kind-hearted lady who takes care of her pet, Bailey, as her own family.

She is impressed by her beagle’s dancing ability and loves to dance with her cute pet. Bailey would dance at least twice a week, and if she gets some attention, she can dance much more than that.

Beagle dancing with grandma

The beagle looks adorable when she dances, no matter the song or tune. However, her favorite music is Puerto Rican reggaeton. As soon as she listens to her favorite music, the cute dog can’t control herself and begins to dance.

Wendy and Bailey both started dancing to the music while they were in the kitchen. The cute little dog stood on her hind legs and twisted and turned back and forth in an adorable way enjoying the music.

Beagle dancing with grandma

While the owner and her pet danced to the music, others in the house wanted to capture this moment. When Bailey noticed that she was being observed by others, she got a bit shy and stopped for a moment.

 However, after a few seconds, Bailey hopped back again and started dancing. The cute little dog danced to the Puerto Rican tune while twisting her head from side to side and enjoyed the music.

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