4-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized After Touching Common Caterpillar


Caterpillars are adorable, fuzzy, and seem harmless and fun, but because of how vulnerable they are in the wild, many of them have natural defense mechanisms in place that can make them a danger to humans.

For young four-year-old Beau, learning this was done the hard way.

Beau had accidentally touched a caterpillar that was hanging around outside the doorstep of his home, according to his mother, Lauryn Mae Jordan.

He fell sick later that night and became even iller the next day, and then it got worse.

His face starting looking puffed up and swollen and he was drowsy all the time.

At first, Jordan just assumed Beau was under the weather from a normal bug, but then her daughter suggested that it could have come from the caterpillar, which might have even bitten him.

That’s when Jordan decided to take Beau to the hospital right away, as the caterpillar may have been toxic.

She was worried it had been an Oak Processionary Moth.

Beau was in the hospital for a few hours but thankfully didn’t need further treatment, and was on the way to recovery on his own.

Strangely, the young boy doesn’t remember being ill at all.

Jordan knew she and Beau had been lucky that he hadn’t had a strong reaction to what happened, so she wanted to warn others of the dangers of touching random bugs in the wild – especially since kids get their hands on bugs all the time.

Jordan had taken a picture of the caterpillar in question, but it wasn’t good quality enough for the caterpillar to be easily identifiable.

According to Steve Ogden, who is from Wildlife Insight, there’s a good chance that the caterpillar is a four-spotted footman.

Still, he recommends keeping a distance from any hairy caterpillar.

Those with sensitive skin should be especially cautious around these little baby bugs.

There are caterpillars all around the world and everywhere in America, so here are six kinds of caterpillars that you should not touch if you happen to see them.

1. The Saddleback Caterpillar

This bug is mostly green in color and has brown parts on its ends, and you’ll notice a brown spot surrounded by a white ring in the middle.

It looks like a saddle, hence its name.

This caterpillar is found in Eastern US and has fleshy horns on both sides that are covered in urticating hairs.

These hairs are also found around its body and they all secrete venom that can lead to painful rashes and nausea.

2. The Puss Caterpillar

This caterpillar grows into a very fuzzy and cute moth, but just brushing against its skin can lead to breathing troubles and even chest pain.

It is mainly found in Eastern and Central US.

3. Io Moth Caterpillar

These bright green caterpillars start out orange and slowly grow stinging spines all over the body.

They might look pretty but these spines release an excruciating venom at even the gentlest touch.

They are most home from anywhere between the Southern US and Southern Canada.

4. Brown Tailed Moth Caterpillar

These little creatures, found mainly in Eastern US, are completely covered in hairs that can cause a severe rash that can last for many weeks on end.

It can also cause headaches.

5. Bag Shelter Caterpillar

This caterpillar continues to carry its venomous qualities well into adulthood.

The hairs all over it can result in severe skin irritation and may even prevent blood clots that could cause a potentially-fatal hemorrhage.

It mostly lives in the Southern US.

6. Hickory Tussock Caterpillar

This bug lives on the eastern side of North America and has tufts of white hair interspersed with long black ones.

These hairs can result in contact dermatitis and are especially potent to those who are prone to allergies.

Do share this around to make others aware of the dangers of these caterpillars!

 Source: www.relayhero.com

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