Woman gives birth to her second set of twins


Rare cases seldom happen because of their very nature, but when they do, they cause a sensation around the world. How likely is it to give birth to twins twice? Definitely very low! Yet, a couple from Louisiana (USA) had this wonderful experience. When Erin looked at the ultrasound she couldn't believe her eyes: she was carrying her second pair of twins! Immediately, she sent the ultrasound picture to her husband, and Jake, somewhat confused, asked her why she was sending him an old ultrasound picture of their two children: "No, this is the second round" Erin replied, letting drop that the family would soon be expanding. Initially, it was a big shock to them both, but now they are a beautiful family of six.

 via: Facebook / Woman's Hospital

Erin and Jake's story is quite unique, as the couple had a hard time conceiving from the start. With "a little help", Erin was able to get pregnant and, with great joy, gave birth to a pair of twins. Six years after this event, the couple looked into each other's eyes and decided to add to the family, and started trying to conceive another child. Obviously there was a lot of uncertainty in the air, especially since neither of them wanted to repeat the past trauma that - fortunately - led to the first pregnancy. In any case, Erin did get pregnant for a second time and, to everyone's amazement, this time she discovered again that she was carrying twins.

As Erin's doctor explained, the odds of such a thing happening are 1 in 111,111 pregnancies: "To put things in perspective, consider that we deliver about 8,000 babies to Woman's Hospital every year, so we'd see this once every 15 years ".

During the pregnancy there were difficult moments, such as when the whole family fell ill with Covid-19, but fortunately, everything turned out for the best in the end. The symptoms of of the family were mainly respiratory but were mild compared to other much more severe cases. They are now one, big family and they couldn't be happier (although the couple are hoping to buy a winning lottery ticket!).

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