Mother has 4 twins, uses 24 diapers daily and spends nearly 500 Euros a week on food


A child is a great responsibility: so imagine having four! Jenny Marr and her husband Chris had decided to take the plunge and try to have a child after wanting to expand their family - but they weren't expecting that their dream would become more real than they could believe. After only six months off their contraceptives, Jenny became pregnant - much to the delight of them both. During a routine ultrasound, however, something unusual happened: Jenny and Chris were about to have, 4 babies! Is it possible to have four twins? Apparently it is, although it is quite a rare event.

When Jenny and Chris went to one of the many routine ultrasound scans, the doctor seemed particularly struck with what had just shown up on the screen. Jenny asked him if there was something wrong, but the doctor immediately reassured her. The thing was, Jenny and Chris weren't going to have one baby ... but three! This is what the ultrasound showed. The shock for the couple was strong that Chris turned pale and passed out for a few seconds after hearing the news. And if that was not enough, in a subsequent ultrasound, the doctor identified a fourth child! At this wonderful news, the couple were not upset, in fact, they considered 4 to be an even better number of kids! And nobody fainted this time - even though the odds of such a pregnancy happening are 1 in 15 million. It wasn't even clear that all 4 twins would survive, in fact, hopes of this were very low indeed. But, in the end, all four of the little ones held out. The babies were born premature, in the twenty-eighth week, and had to stay in the hospital for quite a while. When they were released from the hospital, Jenny and Chris returned home with the 4 babies and facing a life turned completely upside down (in a positive sense, of course!).

Jenny and Chris say they spend an average of about 500 Euros on food every week, while every day they change about 24 diapers! To these costs there is, of course, the responsibility of having four infants to look after every day - certainly not a joke! Jenny and Chris, however, say they are delighted and thank heaven for having been given this wonderful blessing.

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