Girls stomp out Riverdance at wedding, bride rushes stage for grand finale


Gretchen’s wedding Irish dance was unlike what people have seen in similar events. Gretchen has something unique, and it was refreshing to see an Irish Dance team regale guests with a stunning traditional Irish dance.

Hooley School of Irish Dance dancers performed an Irish jig at Gretchen’s wedding reception. The performance opened with two dancers as others joined in in intervals to display an unseen finesse.

The 10 girls performed the Irish step routine to Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon. The dance performance was refreshing as Gretchen chose something different to celebrate the special day.

Riverdance at wedding

The bride joins in towards the end in perfect timing and synchrony to perform the Irish step dance with the group. The bride joins together with a young girl who is apparently a member of the bridal party.

For this unique wedding dance, the bride must have worked on her dancing skills. She doesn’t miss a step in a beautiful routine. It takes skill and lots of practice to perfect the traditional Irish dance.

Before the very end, the bride skips off to fetch the groom and bring him onstage. Together, they close the performance with a twirl, a dip, and a kiss to the amusement of their guests.

The traditional Irish dance has become a hit. The dancers stole the show at the reception. Additionally, the video clip has been shared widely as people watch and enjoy the emotional moment.

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