Elephant herd shows giant pumpkins who’s boss


The elephant herd at the Portland, Oregon Zoo took part in the annual “Squishing of the Squash.” They were smashing the pumpkins easily with their strong legs. The majestic land mammals reduced the giant pumpkins into pulps.

The event was to celebrate the beginning of Autumn. The resident elephant of the Oregon Zoo had a fantastic time while stepping on the enormous pumpkins given to them by their caregivers.

This is one of the most beloved fall traditions of the Oregon Zoo. Unfortunately, the viewing could not be made public because of the physical distancing requirements that were necessary this year. Still, the elephants were not bothered about anything else but the feast.

Elephant herd and giant pumpkins

The sight of the elephant herd squashing the pumpkin was extraordinary. The elephants had crushed the fruit that had soft sweet flesh inside and then enjoyed the pulp taking their own precious time.

The onlookers and the caretakers could see the cracks and hear the crunches as the elephant herd stomped and smashed the sweet pumpkins and ate the treat given to them.

During early days the local farmers would donate pumpkins for the Zoo’s efforts for improving animals’ wellbeing. As these were stimulating activities that would help them in adjusting to the challenging environment.

One of the elephants in the herd got so close to the pumpkin that the trunk turned orange. These elephants gave an incredible display of strength as they quickly squashed these giant pumpkins.

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