Take this remedy to clean the colon of toxic waste

The colon is usually the place of the body in which accumulates more waste and toxic waste, this makes it difficult to function and can make us suffer from irritable colon, which is why it is very important to clean the colon and get rid of everything That is adhering in our intestine and that is limiting its good functioning.

In addition to trying to carry a healthy diet and full of fiber that helps us to clean our body regularly, it is very important to carry out a purification from time to time that can extract from the intestinal walls everything in it accumulates and adheres, in This sense there is an almost miraculous drink, which manages to cleanse the colon not only of toxins but also of parasites that usually lodge in our organism.


With this impressive recipe we will give you in this opportunity, you will be able to clean the colon and to discard all the toxins that usually accumulate in it, making you feel more comfortable and light.

It is impressive how this drink can cleanse the colon, doing so will allow you to feel lighter and more comfortable, you can improve your sleep, avoid bad breath and improve the smell that gives off your body when it is full of toxins, Observe how the pimples disappear leaving the skin clean, smooth and healthy.

In addition to helping you feel good, having a clean colon allows you to perform a good absorption of nutrients, on the other hand this allows you to stimulate the glands of the liver and pancreas, the power of this remedy is due to the properties possessed by its ingredients, Among which is the coconut water which is an excellent diuretic and helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system, as well as other ingredients, such as flax that promotes bowel motility.

To prepare this miracle drink you will need the following ingredients:

Two cups of green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale.
Two ripe bananas of medium size.
Two tablespoons of flax seed.
A capsule of probiotics, or in its defects half a cup of kefir of coconut water or 1 capsule.
Two ripe dates without bone.
One teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
A cup of coconut water or filtered water.

Its preparation is very simple you only have to liquefy all the ingredients until obtaining a homogenous mixture and smooth.

How to use

This drink should be consumed once daily preferably on an empty stomach and for one to two weeks, and you will begin to see the results quickly.

Remember that in addition to the consumption of this drink it is important that you carry out a healthy and balanced diet, full of foods that nourish your body and provide other benefits to your body, on the other hand avoid alcohol and cigarette excess and have been able to live a full life With a clean and healthy colon.

Source: tlvz.com
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