This Guy Passed Out In The Street. But Keep Your Eyes On His Dog…

In the video provided, a pint-sized pup proved his loyalty to his infirmed owner. When his owner passed out in the middle of a busy street in Guizhou, China, the adorable white canine sat vigil over the unconscious man. Proving once again that dogs really are man’s best friend, the loyal pup refused to leave his owner’s side, which presented some issues when the police and EMS crew arrived on the scene. The dog resisted initial efforts by the police and medics when they attempted to approach his owner. However, the little pup did allow the rescue crew to assist his owner once the dog realized they wanted to help.

The anxious animal circled the scene for quite a while as the rescue workers were attending to the unconscious man. Finally, after the man was safely loaded into the ambulance, the concerned canine was allowed to accompany his in firmed owner to the hospital. Onlookers filmed the incident and the footage was uploaded online. The video went mega viral shortly after it was uploaded.

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