He Found A Cat With An Arrow Sticking Out Of His Shoulder. I Couldn’t Believe What Happened After He Went To The Vet

It was Mayor Peter Nystrom from Norwich, Connecticut who found something very unusual while he was out and about campaigning for his upcoming re-election.

While he was working the campaign trail, shaking hands with voters, conducting interviews and meeting and greeting new faces, he suddenly found something off the campaign trail that was absolutely shocking. It was a cat, and there was an arrow going right through its body. Somehow, the cat was still alive. Peter gave animal control a call right away, and the cat named Elliot was quickly taken to the All Friends Animal Hospital for immediate treatment. Thankfully, the vets at the hospital were indeed able to remove the arrow!

Even more good news was that the arrow had not hit any of the major blood vessels or organs! It came down to a nasty flesh wound which needed to be stitched up and prevented from becoming infected. But Elliot’s owners were not able to pay for the cost of surgery. The man who found the cat, Mayor Peter Nystrom, decided to cover the costs!

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