Cop Surprises Single Mother With A New Car After She Loses Hers In An Accident

By Rosy Lawrence

Danielle Robinson, a single mother was deeply depressed after an unfortunate accident left her car completely damaged. Robinson didn’t have the money to buy a new car or get her 93 Chevy repaired. When officer Patrick Moody arrived at the scene, he found that neither Robinson, nor the other driver were at fault which meant she wasn’t going to receive money for the damage. Robinson shared that her car is very important in her day-to-day life. “I wasn’t even thinking about me and if I’m okay,” she told Inside “I was just thinking about work. That’s why I was freaking out—my car is pretty much my bread and butter.”

When Robinson told officer Moody about her situation, he felt for her and wanted to help her. Last year, officer Moody promised himself that he would do something nice for one person every year. And the moment he heard Robinson’s story, he knew it’s her he should do something nice for.
The following day, officer Moody requested the mother-of-two to come to the station to fill out some forms. And when she arrived, there was a BIG surprise waiting for her. Check out the video for full video.
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