11-Year-Old Girl Scalped In Carnival Ride Shops For A New Wig For Return To School

By Rosy Lawrence

On May 7, Elizabeth Gilreath, 11, had a horrific accident while she was on a spinning ride called King’s Crown at Cinco de Mayo festival in Omaha. Elizabeth, also known as Lulu, was enjoying the ride with her friends when her red locks got caught in the spinning mechanism and ripped her hair damaging her scalp and eyes. Witnesses claim that Lulu kept screaming but the ride didn’t stop for 5-10 minutes. The ride’s conductor ran to shut it off when a mom named Jolene, noticed Lulu bleeding. She stopped the still moving ride and went to help the little girl. Jolene said that Lulu was severely hurt and before losing consciousness she asked, “Where’s my pretty hair?”

Lulu received several skin grafts and a surgery for her skull injury. Doctors also thought that Lulu may not regain her eyesight as her eyes were swollen shut for several weeks after the accident. Today, three months later, Lulu has recovered like a champion and is known for her bravery and resilience.

Despite immense physical and mental pain, the courageous girl refuses to give up and is ready to get back to her regular life. With new school year starting, Lulu wishes to fit in like everyone else. So, Inside Editon decided to help the 11-year-old find the perfect wig so she can feel and look like her old self. Lulu tried on several wigs at Bravadas Wig Designs before she finalized one that matched her original hair. “I feel how I was, and I like it!” she said about her new look.
So inspired by this little fighter! We wish her good luck for her new school year.

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