Cop orders man out of his car and onto his knees. When she realizes what’s REALLY happening? OMG!

The cops don’t have the most prestigious reputation these days, so whenever one of them pulls you over the best bet is to get ready for the worst.

If the news reports haven’t confirmed that for you yet then nothing will aside from experiencing yourself, though hopefully you’ll never have to. Even still, just because you’re prepared for the worst doesn’t mean the worst will actually happen, and every once in a while you’ll even get lucky. So when this woman was riding along with her boyfriend and they got pulled over, she never expected the event to play out like it did – no one would!
The officer pulls them over and acts like this is any other traffic stop, treating the driver and his girlfriend as though they were just a couple of kids with problems following the rules of the road. Eventually he asks the gentleman to step out and then his girlfriend. After patting the man down he asks him to get on his knees. Fearing the worst the young lady stands back, afraid to intervene but seemingly-powerless against the situation unfolding. Finally the officer asks her to stand in front of him…

If you’re planning on proposing, why not make absolutely sure they’re not going to be expecting it?
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