Baby horse gets upset when he stops petting her. Her revenge? I’m still laughing about it!

Animals love affection just as much – if not more – than we do, and sometimes to give us the hint they have to take some fairly unusual measures.
Obviously they can’t just come out and say what they want, they don’t have the vocal capabilities outside of their normal cries or whinnies, so they sometimes try to get what they want using just a little bit of force. Take this little filly for example, all she wants is for someone to keep giving her a good scratch on her bum but she didn’t know how else to say so without continually backing up towards her owner!

All he had to do was keep those good scratches up, yet as we all know there’s too much stuff to do during the days to keep something like that up for long and eventually he had to leave. The filly *really* wasn’t ready for that moment and…

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