Warning: If You See This In The Woods Get Away FAST!

There are a few dangers that you might notice while walking in the woods. You could encounter a snake, or you might happen to walk upon a patch of poison ivy. There is one thing that you should avoid if you see it while in the woods as it can be deadly.

The item is something with a strange look. It appears to be a hand sticking out of the ground. It’s a fungus called “Dead Man’s Fingers,” and as the name implies, it looks like fingers and fingernails on a hand. They can be light in color or darker if the fungus has been growing for some time.


The fungus usually grows near rotted wood. While they aren’t toxic, you can’t eat the fungus. It’s a member of the mushroom family. In other countries, some people have consumed them, offering a bit about the taste of the fungus. Some would say it has a fruity flavor. The inside of the fungus is white. You can often see the fungus growing in moist areas, such as near rocks that are covered with moss. It’s sometimes best to simply leave the fingers alone as they can attract other plants and animals that might not be too pleasant.
Source : yournationnews.com
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