I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I Looked At This Photo From Up Close… IMPOSSIBLE!

I have to admit that I don’t always “get” art. Sometimes, I’ll look at a piece of art and just nod my head in approval but really, I haven’t the slightest clue what I’m looking at. But sometimes, I’ll look at a piece of art and be completely floored because it obviously requires exceptional creativity and skill. Folks, this is an example of the latter. Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palahniuk spent about 200 hours (or 8 days) to put together a masterpiece using a pencil, a hammer, 13 thousand nails, and 24km of thread. The whole process was captured on film and sped up for the video below. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something like this to take your breath away. I’ve never seen anything like this before… incredible!
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