This Strange Disease Is Making A Comeback In America. Avoid This Animal At All Costs

Weird weather is now a common thing across the country. It is leading to all kinds of bizarre situations happening.

Take the armadillo for instance. Due to the weather changes, armadillos have been reeking havoc on Florida resident’s lawns. This leads to an increased risk of them biting pets and spreading rabies. And there is even a far graver concern in regards to the armadillo. Leprosy!
Yes, Armadillos actually can carry leprosy. It is difficult for them to transmit it as you have to be around them a lot, but the rise in leprosy this year has health officials believing it may indeed be linked with this animal. It’s important to identify signs of an infestation, get help in removing them, and prevent further invasions from happening. This video will show you how to do all of those things so you can maintain a armadillo free property and avoid getting leprosy!
Share these important tips with friends and family so they become aware of this new danger.

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