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Plus-Size Blogger Stands Up To Her Critics

Taking criticism is hard. Even constructive criticism can sting any person’s ego. We’re only human, after all.

Imagine, however, receiving criticism from thousands of people at a time, in a public setting. Imagine a situation in which people tell you every day that you aren’t good enough, not because of your skills, but because of the way you look.

For Aarti Olivia Dubey, an online blogger and model, this is her reality. Dubey is a Singaporean-Indian fashion blogger who enjoys sharing her daily outfits with her thousands ofInstagram followers.

She faces criticism every day for her plus-size figure, but her body positive messages drown out the hate and promote only love.

One day, however, her messages of positivity and acceptance were abruptly silenced. After a fun day of getting dolled up at a photo shoot with her friends, Dubey did what most models do: She shared a snapshot of her day on Instagram.

The next day, to her surprise, the post had been removed. According to Instagram, the post had been taken down because it “violated community standards.”
Dubey was determined to right this wrong.

Find out what this brave and beautiful model decided to do, and let us know what you think of this incredible story in the comments!

Aarti Olivia Dubey refused to allow the removal of her photo to get her down.
In fact, she asked her 16,000 Instagram followers to rally behind her to make a change.
Her fans began to repost this photo all over Instagram and Facebook to send a message that every woman should be able to feel beautiful in whatever clothing she chooses.
No one person should have the right to make them believe otherwise.
People may have their opinions, but being overweight doesn’t mean anyone should have to censor their life more than others.
“The world will judge you no matter what and that does not mean you go into hiding,” Dubey’s Instagram states.
“I realised how I hadn’t been around other plus-size friends in swimwear and this made me reflect on how important it is to stay visible despite the hate that might come your way.”
After two weeks, Instagram did write Dubey an apology for removing her post.
They claimed that it was done in error, and they restored the image.
Although Dubey has since accepted Instagram’s apology, she is fully aware that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to body acceptance.
“You have placed the image back, but at what cost?” Dubey’s response to Instagram states.
“You are answerable to ALL of my plus-size friends for removing their images or accounts on Instagram or Facebook.”
Dubey states that one of the biggest issues with social media moderators is their latent “fatphobia.”
People come in all shapes and sizes, but there still seems to be a trend toward only accepting models who are rail-thin and picture-perfect.
This model wants to set a different standard for the industry.
“I’d like people to realize that fat-shaming is harmful and all I want to do as a body positive advocate is to encourage acts of self-love, self-respect, and embracing yourself at whatever size you are,” Dubey told Huffington Post.
Although she has received harsh criticism alongside the outpouring of support, Dubey has every intention of continuing to flaunt what she’s got!
Do you think Dubey’s body positive message makes her a good role model?
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