Mother And Daughter Married To The Same Husband

Man marries wife then marries the daughter. Weird tradition

It is strange-wonderful tradition Mandi tribe of Bangladesh.. According to The Guardian, the 30-year-old father of Dalbot Orola died when she was very young. Orola mother later got married to another man.

According to the customs and tradition of this region when the man dies leaving behind a young wife and daughter, the wife has the right to remarry so that she could take care of herself and her child. Strangely the new husband has to decide whether she will include the daughter of his wife as his second wife. In this case, Orola since she was very pretty, Noten, the new husband betrothed her to himself and married both mother and daughter. Orola has been mad about this since she came of age, unfortunately it’s already too late, she discovered herself a wife to her mother’s husband-worst still a second wife.

In certain areas in Africa children even marry grand fathers stipulated by certain traditions and customs. These bizarre so-called traditions should be abolished because they completely take away the rights of the girl child thereby creating a very vulnerable society
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