Man With No Arms Devotes His Life To Taking Care Of His Paralyzed Mother.. Absolutely Inspiring.!

Chen Xinyin from China lost both his arms in a massive electric shock at the age of seven. Despite the odds, he learned to do everything by himself, from washing to cooking.!! One day his neighbor told Chen that in his situation it’s easier to beg for money rather than work. However Chen said: “I have no arms but I have good legs. I can make money myself”.Chen decided to be the caretaker of his 91-year-old mom who is paralyzed.
Chen has made the best of his situation by learning how to cook, farm, and weave baskets all with his feet.
Chen cooking for his paralyzed mother
Chen cooking for his paralyzed mother
Chen was forced to learn how to cook food using his legs, despite the hot tempareture of the fire, he is still determined to prepare food so that his mom can eat.
His responsibility to take care of his family, to make sure his sick mother has fed shows us the true meaning of humanity. May God Bless Him
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