This man just wanted to bathe in the sea. But when he enters the water, something terrible happens.

Ibrahim Fwal is a 65-year-old man from Laodicea, one of the most important harbor cities in Syria. As a young man, he immigrated to the Tuscan city of Carrara (Italy) and has since lived and worked perfectly integrated in the community.  
Three years ago, Ibrahim decided to adopt a dog. He never knew this decision would turn into an incredible story.
A great lover of animals, Ibrahim decided to save a puppy. He went to the animal shelter in Carrara and there he came across a young German Shepherd, who had recently been abandoned. It was love at first sight.
The dog was renamed Rocky and in no time at all the two became inseparable. Rocky was an affectionate puppy, who always kept his master in sight. Ibrahim treated the pup like his son, taking him along wherever we went - even to the beach.
One day, the dog and his owner were together at the ocean. It was very hot and Ibrahim decided to go for a swim. When he came back to shore, Rocky had disappeared.
Panicked, Ibrahim looked everywhere for his dog. He called, he asked around ... he started visiting all of the kennels in the city - for not. There was no trace of Rocky. When he returned to the beach for one last search attempt, people told him that they saw a group of Gypsies take the dog.
Unfortunately, this is a common story.
Ibrahim's heart was broken. He could not be consoled. Rocky was taken from him and would never come back - at least that's what he thought.
Three years went by. Rocky, once Ibrahim's little puppy, grew into an adult dog somewhere else. There is no way of knowing what he experienced or saw over the years. At some point, however, he managed to escape from whoever had stolen him, or perhaps he was abandoned again.
Whatever the case, the dog ended up being adopted by another family in Salerno, Italy.
But Rocky was very restless there. He kept running away and seemed uneasy with the new owners. Afraid of losing him, the family put a collar on him with their phone number in case he got lost.
And that's exactly what happened. Rocky didn't flee maltreatment, he just wanted to find his way home to the Syrian man who'd adopted him as a puppy - the man whose dog was taken away from him years before. 
Rocky couldn't have known it, but Ibrahim was more than 400 miles away. It was a long journey for an animal. Rocky had nothing by longing and instinct to guide him.But apparently that was enough. Rocky set off, finding food when possible and barely stopping to rest. He was eventually found in Pisa, Italy, 370 miles north from where he began his journey. The pads of Rocky's feet were worn raw from the many miles traveled.
His rescuers noticed the collar and called the number in Salerno. "It is our dog," the family claimed. However, someone miraculously noticed that Rocky also had a tattoo on his body. It was one that Ibrahim had given him as a puppy. This was a turning point in Rocky's fate.
3 years and 430 miles later, Rocky was finally reunited with the man he'd never forgotten.
Facebook Ibrahim Fwal
"I did not believe, I could not believe it!" said Ibrahim. "When they brought him home I was in the car and he heard my voice from inside and began making a huge commotion.”
Facebook Ibrahim Fwal
Facebook Ibrahim Fwal
I can only imagine the mutual joy during the reunion between this dog and owner. Love can overcome incredible challenges and Rocky's affection and loyalty really leaves me speechless. A tenacious fighter, worthy of his name, this German Shepherd has challenged every kind of adversity to find his way back to his owner. What a beautiful story and a happy ending. 
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