This Is How Headaches Reveal What Is Wrong With Your Health

Headaches are often neglected, especially when it comes to minor aches that strike from time to time. But, chronic headaches are rather scary.


Experts recognize 4 main types of headaches:

Sinus headache affects the area right above the eyes, and spreads below them
Tension headache occurs in the forehead area above the eyes
Migraines are usually unilateral and spread from the top of the head to the bottom, and goes right down the midline
Cluster headaches often affect one eye area
Sinus headaches occur as a result of sinus infections, and can be both debilitating and severe.
Over 12 million Americans who complain of having debilitating headaches are often misdiagnosed, mostly because various other symptoms concur with the ache they are dealing with. That is why reaching a correct diagnosis appears to be quite tricky.

Headaches may indicate a rather serious, even deadly disease, but it is usually considered as a harmless consequence of excessive stress or fatigue.

The most important thing is to make a difference between regular stress headaches and aches that may be a symptom of a rather serious ailment, such as bleeding in the brain, aneurysm, brain tumor or stroke.

For example, acute headaches after sexual intercourse or workout may occur as a result of tumors or aneurysm. Sudden, striking pain, commonly known as the ‘thunderclap headache’ that gets unbearable within a minute may be a symptom of bleeding in the brain.

The video below offers an excellent illustration of the ‘headache’ issue. The doctor focuses on ‘Your Body’s Red Light Warning Signals’ involving distinctive headache types, variable intensities, and aches that indicate certain neurological deficit. Headaches that come along with another marked symptom, like general weakness, numbness and/or vision changes, are triggered by a migraine or other more serious problem.

This is an educational video that will help you determine your right condition, and whether you should consult your doctor or not. You will actually learn how to make a difference between life and death.

Source: Healthy Food House
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