Find Out What The Shape Of Your Fingers Is Saying For You

Based on the shape of your fingers, there is an analysis that we will now present to you of what kind of person you are. 

Look into your fingers or just one of them and determine which of these three forms correspond to the ones you have on your hand and find the answers.
We believe that this analysis will guess what kind of person are you:
Finger type A:
  • You have tendency to hide your feelings and often you feel melancholy. Often you pretend to be stronger and more independent than you are.
  • You are pretty emotional person.
  • You are fair person; you hate liars, hypocrisy and deceit.
  • You are pretending to be strong and cool person. You do not show many emotions.
  • You are little eccentric and arrogant. You cannot tolerate many things.
  • You have big heart and you often want to give help. You will end up any task that was previously given to you even if you didn’t like it.
  • You love to smile, so you often smile to things that are not even quite funny.
  • You are cold towards people who are not close to you but very emotional to your loved ones.
Finger type B:
  • You do not take initiative when you need to contact people.
  • You are very loyal. When you fall in love with someone, you dedicate to him/her full attention and you always think of that person.
  • You are very sensitive but you do not show it often.
  • After accepting any kind of task or job, you try to push it through.
  • You are afraid of being hurt. You pretend you are fine when you are alone but you are not.
  • You will remain calm even when you feel uneasy about someone’s behavior.
  • You look like a strong and independent person who always speaks quite strongly even though you have very soft heart and you can easily be hurt.
  • You love to fantasize. You always imagine someone who will understand you, love you and give you everything you want.
Finger type C:
  • You do not hold a gurgle, you just do not want to let go of the things that make you angry.
  • You are very sensitive – you do not like challenges. You do not want doing something unknown to you.
  • You respect other people’s opinion.
  • Sometimes you are unbearable. Your ego is extremely high but after fighting with someone you are the one who first apologizes.
  • You keep your feelings and problems to yourselves.
  • You love when people trust you and also depend from you.
  • You have soft heart and you can be easily hurt. Therefore, whenever someone apologizes to you, you will easily forgive him because you cannot bear to have some disagreements with people.
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