This Bride Died on Her Wedding Night and You’ll Never Believe How

Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special moments in life, but what happens when it turns out to be more of a nightmare than the dream you’d envisioned?

What happens when you’re not even old enough to envision that moment and you’re forced to marry anyways? For an eight-year-old Yemeni girl that nightmare became a reality when her parents married her off to a man more than five times her own age. On the night of her wedding she died from internal bleeding after her new “husband” raped her. At eight-years-old.

This practice is all too common in Yemen, with more than a quarter of the female population in 2012 marrying before the age of 15.
Due to atrocities like these many groups all over the world are calling for a ban to the tradition, with one argument stating we’ve moved away from barbarism and should continue to do so; though they’ve met with a crap-ton of resistance from the current Yemeni population.
This is NOT something we need to have around in 2016 for more than just medical reasons. While tradition is a very understandable concept, there are still some things that shouldn’t have even began in the first place. What do you think?
Recently a social experiment to raise awareness on child marriage was filmed in New York City.

Watch how people reacted below:

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