All This Man Needs Is A Couple Of Nut Wrenches And A Few Seconds To Force Open A Lock

Security is one of the biggest topics you can talk about today; from personal security to security over the net, it’s all part of a vastly important question – how do we keep our things secure?

Unfortunately, the world just isn’t the utopia we hope it one day will be yet; so in the meantime we have to find new and better ways to ensure our things remain in our possession when we’re not directly around.
Well thanks to YouTuber MrGear releasing this video, I know I’ll never purchase a check lock again! While I understand there should be a way to open a lock if you lose the key, you should be forced to get a pair of bolt cutters to do so. Instead he manages to open the lock within seconds using only a couple nut wrenches, it’s crazy!

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