They Hid This Baby For 22 Years So Nobody Could See Her Face. Now She Shows It All

Ichthyosis is a hereditary skin disease in which the skin grows 10 times faster than usual.
This will lead to the constant tearing and bursting of the skin. The tearing can be very painful and is especially prone to infection. It is a sad fact that most who have this disease, will end up dying during childhood. An exception to this is 22-year-old Mui Thomas from Hong Kong.
When volunteering at a hospital twenty some years ago Tina and Roger Thomas, emigrants from Germany and Great Britain were taken aback by this little baby. It was puzzling for them as to why she was destined to be placed in a home for the mentally disabled, when her mental functions were fine.
was destined to be placed in a home for the mentally disabled, when her mental functions were fine. Roger had the following to say regarding their feelings about Mui being taken away:
 “There she would be hidden from society. But she is mentally completely healthy. We now had to make a decision.”
They decided to adopt the girl child.
Mui has actually become a strong and happy young lady regardless of the stares and questions about her condition.
Mui used to get bullied badly during her school days. There were even some parts of the school she wasn’t allowed to enter as one boy claimed that she frightened him.
 “A lady once spat in my wife’s face and accused her of having burnt Mui. But we have always shown her how important it is, to enjoy the world, to use the day. While you never know, what’s waiting just around the corner.” 
Mui now works as a teacher in Hong Kong for children with learning difficulties. She’s serves as a rugby arbitrator and also extremely athletic. Rugby is a great passion to Mui. Her aspirations with the sport include blowing the whistle in the international games. face5
Mui has this to say on image and other people’s reactions:
 “People with different appearances are often scared to go out and show the world what they have to offer. But I was always like this, and have simply done whatever I had to, regardless of what other people think.” 
 She even has a special message for all those who face challenges in everyday life: 
“The message that I would like to give people is: Don’t let anything hold you back, no disability or disease – you are on this in this world to have a good time! I hope that the people who have the same impairments and different appearances feel more accepted. They may look different. But that are still just people.” 
 Her words are not just inspirational, but her actions are too and the Hong Kong Rugby Union wanted to recognize those actions. They awarded Mui with the Arbitrator Prize for “inspiring to master the challenges and adversities of life.” 
Share this wonderful inspirational story to friends in order to spread the awareness that no matter what challenges you face in life, it’s your attitude which will determine a positive outcome.
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