She Looks 30. But You Will Be Shocked When She Reveals Her Age


When people first see her they think that she is 30 years old. But, ID shows even 22 years more. Pamela looks almost perfect even though she’s 53 years old.
Her perfect skin and good-looking body is a result of genetics, as well as good care. Pamela says that she eats healthy food, she does exercises regularly, and one of the main reasons for her appearance is coconut oil.
Also she claims that she has never left the house without putting sun protective cream and her biggest problem is that people think that she is in fact a girlfriend of her son who is 21 years old.
Many younger men like to be with her, but Pamela loves the older ones. Also many people think that she is a student.
The main thing in her diet is 80/20 rule. It means that 80 percent of her diet is healthy food, and 20 percent is forbidden, like pudding, alcohol and chocolate (only organic dark chocolate).
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