Mom Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was So Sick. Then She Took The Top Off His Sippy Cup And Saw THIS

Getting sick is an unfortunate part of life for every child born, and most everyone understands that; but it’s when a child is constantly getting sick that there could be cause for concern.

In the case of Penny and Simon Powell’s son, he kept getting sick and it kept getting worse for no apparent reason at all. Now that’s enough to worry any parent, but luckily Simon had an idea that his son’s sippy cup could actually be the reason – and he was right.
His son was using a Tommy Tippee Cup, a spill-proof sippy that was designed to be a savior to parents all over the globe. Instead, it ends up collecting liquids in the spout and eventually growing mold. Mold!
Simon and Penny were furious, and after sharing the pictures on Facebook have learned they’re not the only ones affected by this. It’s a problem everywhere! The company’s response is really what will make you rage though, as you’ll come to find in the video below.
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