“If you puke, you puke,” said the judge to this animal tormentor. Her punishment is just perfect.

This judge doesn't let things slide! Alyssa Morrow from Painesville, Ohio (USA), learned a hard lesson when she left her dog, Moose, alone and trapped inside her house for a week.
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The poor dog was dehydrated, hungry, and completely terrified when the doctors found him. Alyssa took the blame, but said, "it was only one week."
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When Judge Michael Cicconetti read about the squalor the dog was found in, he said it made him feel sick. But he is famous for his creative and appropriate punishmentsand he had just the right sentence in mind. He gave her a real lesson.
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He looked Alyssa straight in the eyes and said, "You need to experience how it feels to live like this yourself. I'll give you the choice. Either go to prison, or live like Moose. For 8 long hours, you'll have to live at the dump. I want them to find the stinkiest, smelliest, awful-smelling place they can find and you can remain there for 8 hours tomorrow. If you puke, you puke. Think about what you did to that dog, while you smell that odor."
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Alyssa chose the dump, but very quickly regretted it. Crying, she said that jail would have been better. But she quickly learned an important lesson. Specifically, how it feels to have to live in squalor, alone, helpless, and neglected.
Youtube/ABC News
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Here you can see the entire story on video:

This judge is the bomb! He knows exactly how to show people their own misdemeanor. Moose now has a foster family who care for him and love him and Alyssa will never treat another animal in this manner!
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