Her Son Came Home From A Party With These Strange Marks. When Doctors Revealed The Cause? Shocking.


Jumping is a process of growing up. To many children this is theirs favorite activity. The feeling when you fly in the air is priceless and very funny. The best thing to entertain your children and their friends when they throw a party is to rent a bouncy house. Sounds like fun and it will save you time for making up games for their entertainment.
Bouncing houses are made to be interesting, colorful and in any way harmless. They are made from rubber and filled with air so they will soften every fall and slip. However, many accidents may happen especially when you don’t expect them.
Brenda Sanderson is a regular woman with regular life and one son. Her son attended a graduation party where bouncy house was placed. When he came home everything seemed normal and they continued with their regular lives. However, several days after the party some strange marks appeared on the skin of the boy. She thought that these marks are a result from the party. She used regular ointments and gels to sanitize the marks, but when they started to ooze she became worried.
Brenda immediately took her son to the hospital where the doctor concluded that this is a staph infection.
“The bacteria appears when the skin is exposed to something which hasn’t been cleaned and washed for long time. This bacteria causes staph infection” – said the doctor.
Dr. Ari Cohen, chef at the Pediatric emergency medicine at Mass General Hospital, explains that staph infections can spread easily and that we shouldn’t ignore them. He also adds that every time when we break the skin, we get exposed to some kind of infection. The thing that we need to do immediately after being exposed to infection is to clean the wound and pay a visit to the doctor immediately – he finishes.
We advise you to be very careful when you rent bouncy house for your children. Make sure that it is cleaned properly from the previous users and if not then take the matter in your own hands and disinfect it by yourself.
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