The cases of explosion of the electronic cigarettes are in the rise every day. Experts believe that they are not harmless because propylene glycol can trigger acute irritation of the lungs.
A young man from Cologne was seriously injured after an e-cigarette exploded. He suffered from cuts and burns and lost several teeth, police reported. The young man bought new replacement parts for cigarette before the explosion including a new battery. As soon as he took a hit, the cigarette exploded.
Cases of e-cigarette explosion are already familiar in the United States. A man in Florida suffered from similar injuries four years ago. The explosion was caused by a malfunctioned battery which caused fire in his home. A similar situation occurred in Canada when the cigarette exploded and severely injured a man. He documented the facial injuries on Twitter.
Chris Thomas (37) from Maesycwmmer, Wales, had an incident when his electric cigarette exploded in a car. He left it to charge overnight and it exploded like a firecracker and finished in the back seat of his Skoda Fabia. The company reported that the liquid in the electric cigarette is non-flammable, but probably it was charged with a wrong charger.
100% Harmless?
The manufacturers claim that they are healthy and they nullify the effects of nicotine, but experts point out that e-cigarettes can do a lot of harm. They function using batteries that heat a liquid that is nicotine-enriched, and the vapors inhaled are enriched with nicotine. The smoke that is exhaled is actually a vapor, which is lost in the air and it’s not harmful either to the environment or for the “smokers”. This creates a feeling of smoking real cigarettes but without the harmful effect. To produce the enriched vapor nicotine, propylene glycol is added, which contains up to 90 percent of the content of the e-cigarette.
“This is exactly what can cause acute irritation of the respiratory system” – said Dr. Elisabeth Pott, director of the Federal Center for Health Education in Cologne, Germany.
Since 2009, the FDA analyzed the content of e-cigarettes and found traces of carcinogenic nitrosamines and other potentially dangerous ingredients in numerous manufacturers. Manufacturers themselves point out that there are a lot more nitrosamines in regular cigarettes.
Since e-cigarettes are not classified as medical devices on the market, they are not subjected to any tobacco products regulation, at least not in the UK. Even in the developed country many imports of e-cigarettes cross the border without proper inspection, which is why experts claim that it is necessary to set up a regulation of e-cigarettes in order to ensure a guaranteed standard.
E-cigarettes are banned in Canada, Australia and some American countries. Their use in city offices and transport are recently banned in Hanover, Germany. E-cigarette manufacturers point out that it is allowed to smoke even in the non-smoking section, but for many that is simply not acceptable.
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