A Russian Doctor Revealed A Powerful Tea Which Will Help Give Up Smoking In Few Days!

We are all aware that smoking has no beneficial effect on our health. In contrary, its detrimental effects are even more terrifying than we can imagine.

Therefore, a popular Russian doctor, called Antonina Shchepina, suggests the use of a natural tea as an extremely effective way to quit this harmful habit.

The preparation of this tea is very simple, and the effects it provides are noticed very soon!

Namely in only a few days, you will have no more need of nicotine.

This is how to prepare it:

Put a pinch of crushed dried leaves of plantain herb in a glass jar. Then, pour them with half a liter of bottled water, cover the jar and let it stand for a few hours.

After that, drink the tea throughout the whole day. For best results, Dr. Shchipina suggests that you consume the tea for three months.

Do not hesitate to try it, it really works!

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