This Young Girl Falls Asleep With Her Cell Phone. When She Wakes Up? This Is SHOCKING!

Technology comes along and we eat it up without caution.
We simply go with the flow, follow the trend and pretend like we know what we are doing. The truth is when you blindly take on new technology, there will be unexpected outcomes that can change your life forever.
The cell has become the trend for communication. We all walk around with these powerful objects in our pockets and we hardly think anything of it. It’s become so common that now even children own cell phones.
9-year-old Olivia Retter owns a cell phone which, like many people, she carries around with her thinking nothing of it. But one day Olivia fell asleep. Her cell phone was underneath her. The result was shocking. In the middle of the night Olivia woke up, complaining about her leg hurting. The mother, thinking it must just be a cramp or nothing really at all, sent her back to bed. Little did she know it was much more serious.
This story tells of the dangers that cell phones have and will certainly make you think twice about allowing your young one to take possession of one.
olivia retter iPhone case burn
The child was not supposed to have her cell phone with her at night in her bedroom. But apparently the parents were not competent enough at understanding the addictive nature of the cell phone. I mean even adults cannot resist checking their messages before bed, and usually when they wake up the first thing they do is reach for their phone. So naturally a child is going to be highly tempted to sneak their phone in their bedroom at night, which is exactly what Olivia did. She then fell asleep on top of it and here’s what happened:
olivia retter iPhone case burn
The mom was shocked to see the leg burn on her daughter the next morning. Apparently the young girl received the serious leg burn in part due to her phone case and all the chemicals it contained as it was decorated with unicorns, rainbows, some sort of liquid, and glitter.
olivia retter iPhone case burn
The mom states how the doctors prognosis was indeed shocking to hear:
“Doctors have said it is a severe chemical burn, and she will be scarred for life. I can’t believe it — she will have a scar in the shape of a phone on her leg.”
Apparently it was the result of some kind of acid. Doctors where able to treat the acid-based burn.
olivia retter iPhone case burn
The mother recognizes that indeed this could have been a lot worse.
“Imagine if it had leaked when Olivia was on the phone or holding it to her face. It could have gone on her face or her eyes.”
She posted photos of Olivia’s burns to social media, warning others about the dangers, while likely raising the real question regarding a 9-year-old’s need to possess a phone in the first place.
olivia retter iPhone case burn
Karly’s Facebook post reads:
“Please share this as much as possible. This case is full of acid and if it cracks it will cause 3rd-2nd degree burns. This is the damage it has caused my daughter and she will be scarred for life! A lot of girls have these at the moment, so just be careful.”
The photos and the post have gone viral, with thousands of people sharing her story.
olivia retter iPhone case burn
While Olivia’s mother says, “You just don’t think something like that could happen,” there have been incidents of cell phone batteries exploding and it’s not that hard to understand that phones do indeed get very hot and if you are using some cheap plastic on it that has paint and glitter all over it, well guess what? It’s going to leach through and potentially cause harm especially in the hands of a 9-year-old who doesn’t know any better.
There are many issues to think about in regards to this story and the tragedy that occurred. Thankfully people are sharing this warning with others and are beginning to finally talk about the various dangers that these small, powerful devices have and the tragic outcome children who carry these around can potentially experience.
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