Careful: if you see THIS in your car door then pay attention! You car is so easily gone.

The tricks used by car thieves are continually getting worse. Here you can see the newest scam being used to reach their goal. This method has just found its way here from the USA, therefore everyone should be warned. Although not all car types are targeting, some models are prone to this nasty ploy.
When you park your car somewhere be careful to check whether a coin has been stuck in the door handle. Or any other solid object. Because due to this object, the central locking system is blocked and won't function. Therefore, your car will remain unlocked. Often it's the passenger door or trunk that is manipulated in this way.
Then, as soon as you walk away, the car jacker has a very simple game. He doesn't even need tools. He can either ransack the car or even hot-wire it and drive off. It's child's play for these people.
This trick is also regularly played at gas stations. It's so quick that you barely notice:

Please be careful so that this doesn't happen to you. Even when one's aware - it happens so quickly. SHARE this warning with everyone!
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