This Girl’s Tongue is So Long She Can Lick Her Own Eye

Ever try touching your tongue to your nose? How about your chin?

For most of us, this is impossible. But for the person who has the longest tongue in the world, no problem! Nope, it’s not Gene Simmons from KISS, it’s 18-year-old Adrianne Lewis who filmed herself showing the world how long her tongue is (4 inches!) and how she can touch nose, chin and even eyes and elbows with it! Pretty cool, right? Or, kind of gross?

Her mom took notice of the long tongue on her daughter at around 11 or 12. This is when she began playing with it and touching her nose and elbows with it. It turns out, it runs in the family as her great grandfather, grandmother and mother all had long tongues.
Officially it is Nick Stoeberi who holds the Guinness record for longest tongues. But his is at 3.97 inches, while Adrianne’s is reported to be a straight up 4 inches. Check out the video:
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