She Pulled It Out Thinking It Was A Blackhead But Was Something Else, OMG!

You’ve likely heard of the danger of parasites before. They are potentially very harmful to humans.

These are organisms that actually exist inside the body as hosts. They essentially disable living systems. They have been blamed for human death before as well. This is one hell of a creepy video which the uploader titled “Removal of monster…something from my leg.” The title definitely holds up to the content you are about to see!
She started out with tweezers in an attempt to remove the black scab.
With the help of tweezers, she tried to remove the black scab out from her skin.
She could not seem to remove it, even after attempting numerous times. Nevertheless, she didn’t give up.
In spite of several attempts, she failed to remove it. But still she didn't give up.
And finally, she removes the tiny monster!
Finally, she got relieved from that monster.
Here’s the totally creepy video that she uploaded!

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