This 8 year old’s transformation stunned everyone! But his mother fulfilled his greatest dream.

8 year old Ethan Wilwert from the US city, Florida, has a particular dream: he wants to become a professional make-up artist. From a young age, he would watch his mother Season getting dolled up and help, and he wanted nothing more than to learn himself. So, his mother had his wish fulfilled and set up an hour make-up session with makeup artist to the stars, Joey Killmeyer.
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Joey posted the results of this hour lesson on Facebook, where it has impressed an innumerable amount of people. "Ethan wanted to learn how to do drag queen and theatre make up", he wrote. "His mother supports him and is allowing him to discover who he is. I did the make up on one side of his face and he did the other. 
He is incredibly talented! I am so touched that his mother told me that I give Ethan the self confidence to be himself. It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different."
Facebook/Joey Killmeyer
"This doesn't define his sexual identity or his sexual orientation", said mother Season. "He is a normal 8 year old, who enjoys make-up. We as parents should be the biggest supporters of our children."
Twitter/UK News Information
When you look at the final result there is only one thing to say: Ethan definitely has a natural talent! You cannot tell which side the professional artist did and which side the 8 year old made-up. SHARE Ethan's picture as a show of acceptance, without exception, with everyone that you know.
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