David Bowie has been dead for 3 days. His last photo however, taken just days before, really tells a different story.

The message of David Bowie's death on Sunday even devastated the world. Just 2 days before he had not only celebrated his 69th birthday but also released his new, and tragically the last, album "Black star". With his long-time photographer Jimmy King, he recently took these photographs, which would be the last of the exceptionally ambivalent artist before his death.
Despite his 18 month battle against cancer, Bowie never shied away from the public and worked fervently until the end on his last piece of music. These final photos, taken before his death, exude so much joy and power that it is hard to believe that this music legend is no longer with us. But through his music, David Bowie has been immortalised. SHARE this symbolic photo as a tribute to the great artist.
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