Spread this Article warn your Friends- Hidden Cameras in Dressing Rooms, Here’s How to Detect

No matter how fast the technology goes and for what type of purposes, there is always someone who takes advantages and misused the technology.
Nowadays every part of buildings or public areas like parking lots is filled with hidden cameras. Well, before we have a pillowcase on how to detect a two-way mirror in the dressing room or on the toilet.
When we go to the toilet, shower cubicle, hotel room, dressing room, and so on, how much you believe THAT mirror that hung on the wall and it looks like a regular mirror is really a mirror in general, or indeed this is a two-way mirror ( the man behind the mirror can see you, while you can not see them).
There are many objects where in the dressing rooms are installed two-ways mirrors, and this is not only in the women’s dressing rooms, but as well in men’s locker rooms.
Now we have a few tips in order to help you how to detect hidden cameras that may be installed in the room where we stay.
When vacationing or doing business trip, you will spend the night in a hotel, but you do not know whether you are being staked out a hidden camera or not.
Always remember when staying at a hotel, you can use this way to check your room:
If you have entered into your room, turn off room lights, and covered entirely curtains, open the camera phone, but without flash light.
Point with the camera to all over the room, when you notice a red dot, this means that there is a hidden camera installed. If no red dots, means that the room is secure and with no cameras.
Women are always potential victims of ‘visual rape’. Because we can not guarantee whether the hotel where we stay is safe for us and will  respect our privacy.
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