Every day his belly got a bit bigger. But what they find is unbelievable.

Life can often be very unpredictable. Sometimes it's even more than that and shows us that nature plays it's own game, and humans can only get a small word in sideways.
The 29 year old Kayden Coleman is a strong, masculine bloke. But he has a secret: 10 years ago he had his genitals removed and has been taking hormones ever since. Because Kayden was actually ...
... born a woman. From the age of 19 he decided to live as a man. Through many operations and hormone therapy, he wants to slowly make the perfect transformation. During this time he got together with his boyfriend. They enjoy a happy relationship and share a fulfilling life. But one day, Kayden's past came knocking.
He was putting on weight in an unexplainable manner and was having extreme back pain. Nobody could explain it. Kayden says: "One day I asked my boyfriend to give me a back massage. Then when I laid on my stomach, I felt something in my belly. Then Elijah (Kayden's boyfriend) said jokingly that I should take a pregnancy test." As a joke he did exactly this and the result shocked them both: the test came back positive!
They are both speechless and nobody can explain how this happened because Kayden has been living as a man for 10 years and is taking hormones. However doctors believe that this probably occurred because he stopped taking hormones for 6 weeks while he had his breasts removed. Because Kayden is already in his 21st week of pregnancy, he will keep the child. 
But now there is another problem: Kayden and Elijah need to explain to his parents that Kayden is transgender. Something, that until now, they've never known. Thus begins a difficult time because the family are not very understanding and Kayden has to bear some "very painful comments". However Elijah sticks by him and soon a healthy baby girl is born via caesarian section. But this story still doesn't have it's happy ending because unfortunately the next challenge is already awaiting them ...
Kayden suffers from severe postnatal depression and finds it difficult to involve himself with his little daughter. The strong couple manage to get over this hurdle however, and today the sweet little family could not be happier. The little Azaelia is now 2 years old and has her own mind, with which she can sometimes drive her two dads to the edge of madness with. But one glance into her sweet eyes makes everything good again, and only love is left behind.

Crazy, how nature takes on its own plans. But it's wonderful that this story has finally found it's beautiful end. Elijah and Kayden have earned all the luck in the world with their little Azaelia. If you too, can barely believe this little family's story, then SHARE the article with all of your friends!
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